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Xtreme Paintball is FIELD PAINT ONLY. Please do not bring any paintballs that have not been purchased previously at our field. People sneaking in outside paintballs will be asked to leave.

Only paintballs bought at the field can be used. This way you are sure to get quality, fresh paintballs at the best price available!

These paintballs (below) typically sit around for long periods of time prior to reaching the shelves and ultimately the customers. This aging process cause the balls to become very hard and less likely to break on impact - causing you (or your son/daughter) a level of pain not necessary to enjoy the sport of paintball. Additionally, any ball purchased at a big box store (Wal-mart, Dicks, etc..) most likely has taken several weeks or months to get to the shelf. Even quality paints will perform poorly when they've sat around for several months.