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On this page, you can order season passes, reserve a group outing, and preregister for upcoming events. The items on this page will change as availability changes or as dates near.



Paintball For Justin- September 23

$45 Rental Package with Admission, 500 paintballs, gun, mask, pod pack to hold exta paint and air tank



Attack the Fort- September 24

Admission (self equipped) $20
Rental (includes admission, gun, mask, tank, 500 paintballs) $45


Attack The Fort!!!!
Come down and enjoy our big 3 hour long game to attack the new mega fortress! 40 players will attempt to hold the castle down against 100+ attackers! Continuous respawns for attackers, respawns every 15 min for defenders. We will be bringing air/paint into the castle and have a safe zone triple netted for defenders to take a break. We have worked out all the kinks and will have the air system on field ready for the defenders, along with some improvements for Fort Xtreme!

$20 entrance if preregistered, or $35 entrance the day of the game
Rentals are $45 (preregistered) or $55 day of event and include entrance and 500 paintballs

$45 case Infinity
$53 case Graffiti
$60 case Redemption



2018 VIP SEASON PASS- $250

FOR SALE ON OCTOBER 1! Only 30 will be available, we sold out within a month last year! Keep an eye out!

  The 2018 VIP Season Pass includes admission to every regular day of play, every event, only fill out one waiver for the year, 10% off at the store, and $5 off each case of paintballs at the field- ALL YEAR! (Current season pass holders receive $25 savings. Come to the store for details/payment)



By reserving a group, you're confirming that you will have at least 10 players on the date reserved. Each player is responsible for a $40 entrance fee which includes rental gun, mask, tank, 500 paintballs, admission for the day and your own private referee and fields.

The $100 deposit is applied to your total bill for the day. For example if you have 10 players, it is a total of $400 ($100 paid by deposit, $300 paid the day of the event).



Gift Certificate Value

Gift certificates will be mailed out to the address provided. You will also receive an email receipt shortly after purchasing.